September 16+17       Joshua Tree National Park Art Expo 2017 – 29 Palms Art Gallery     Twentynine Palms, CA.

So honored to be a featured artist in the 2017 Anniversary Edition of LANDESCAPE ART REVIEW. CLICK ON the mag cover to read the interview…

LandEscape Art Review


**As a Director and Producer, I have several projects in various states of development. As a filmmaker and VJ, I create and re-purpose my own organic content to project over DJ’s, at raves, festivals, theater and live performances. Inquire here for booking.

I’m also an ongoing contributing artist with VJLoops.com and NumberF, a new video streaming service that turns the screens around us into moving works of art. 

Currently working on a series called, Blo(om) which leads participants through specific, synchronized breath cycles, that visually follow the bloom and collapse of a flower. And the City Mandala,  series highlighted in the LandEscape Art Review above.

Other projects in development include: A film trilogy, THE SUBWAY, a high concept fantasy about a shy and talented high school girl who gets trapped inside the world of her own writing, when a computer brings her story to life.

* * *


I’m currently developing a book and movie franchise entitled THE SUBWAY TRILOGY. The first book of the series is already available on Amazon and has amazing reviews and a 4.5 star rating.

The story centers around Stacy Martin, a talented creative writer and shy High School Freshman that discovers she is trapped inside a sinister mind-control experiment masked as a popular video game. Her daily reality proves to be just a computer simulation, becoming mutated by events of the latest story she is writing.

An epic journey that begins with her pen, leads her to take up arms and battle deadly ‘shooters’ in a desperate struggle to free her self and other youths trapped in the experiment. Stacy must destroy the game to save the children of the world from being turned into mindless killers.